Gay Bakriyon ki Peeth par Chalta Ved Vigyan
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Gaay Bakriyon ki Peeth par chalta Ved Vigyan


About the book: The book “Gaay Bakriyo ki peeth Pe chalta Ved Vigyan” talks about the science and the history as talked in the Vedas and the ancient scripture. The author tries to educate people about the facts that are there in our historic and religious texts such as the Vedas and the Upanishads and through this he tries to educated people about the truth of the universe and the question of life and death. The book is a good read for those who wants to understand the philosophies of life and death and the universe as explained in our ancient texts.

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About the Author: Born in Pujar village of Tehri district, Virendra Simalti is a social worker apart from a writer and has worked extensively on banning of Animal sacrifices in the state. He is also actively involved in acting against the increasing superstitions in the hills and has tried to steer people towards the wisdom of science. Most of his work is focused on these issues and carries the things that people should learn from history and our culture.

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Virendra Semalti


Samaya Sakshaya







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