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Dhaad – Garhwali Magazine


Dhaad – Literature and Cultural Monthly Magazine in Garhwali

DHAAD is a mirror of our society which not only address various social and political issues, but also helping in restoring Garhwali Language and culture. It is an answer to the contemporary questions left unanswered regarding the political, economical and cultural aspects of Uttrakhand.

Dhad is now relaunched with its first edition from August 2015, and is completely in Garhwali Language.

History of Dhaad
Dhaad was started in 1987, with a monthly magazine by the name of ‘Dhaad’. This magazine was a brainchild of young activists who actively took part in the Uttarakhand movement. Later, the magazine took a transformation into a social organisation named DHAD. By 1991, the group evolved into a formal social organisation having its clear ideological, political understanding and having a well defined priorities and programs.

Editor: Ganesh Khugshal (9412079537)

Dhaad Magazine Subscription for  1 Year: Rs 300 only.

Note: The shipping will be done by ‘Dhaad Sanstha’ on monthly basis from Pauri Garhwal. Sole responsibilty of delivery of magazine on time is of Editor. Cultural Trends only promote Dhad Magazine.

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