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Kathputli Aur Anya Natak” is a collection of short Hindi dramas written by famous dramatist Lalit Mohan Thapliyal. These short dramas are entertaining, humorous and at the same time raising social issues as well.The various plays in the book are “Kathputli”, “Muthbhed”, “Swapn Aur Satya”, “Anchariyon Ka Talaab”, “Kalpana Ka Khel” & “Qyamat Aa Rahi Hai !”.

A young girl has no career path other than marriage…or does she? If God made this world, why is it in such a terrible state? As a pickpocket argues with a mysterious madaari (juggler) over the right to spend the night on a deserted park bench, their conversation ranges from the troubles of a petty thief to the meaning of life and death. As villagers eke out a difficult living in the harsh mountainous environment, contrasting currents of compassion and fierce rivalry, self-belief and a fear of undead spirits constantly jolt their lives. In the one-act plays in this collection, playwright Lalit Mohan Thapalyal shows us varied snapshots of the contemporary world.

Note : Serious theatre groups are welcome to perform the plays in these publications. However, they are requested to seek permission from the Sadhana Sanskriti Pratishtan and to pay a small royalty according to their means.
[Contact details: 10/97 Rajendra Nagar III, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad 201005; www.facebook.com/SadhanaTheatreArts; sadhanatheatre@gmail.com]

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Lalit Mohan Thapliyal was a well known Garhwali and Hindi playwright, actor, and director whose career spanned six decades. His works include 9 full length plays, 30 one-act plays, including plays for children of various age groups, and 4 dance dramas. A journalist by profession, he worked with leading papers including the National Herald and the Hindustan Times and then with the Public Information Division of the WHO. He was awarded the Jaishree Samman by the Garhwali Bhasha Parishad, Dehradun in 1986. He received the Children’s Book Trust award for drama in a children’s literature competition for The Magic Island, in 1988. His play Chimtewale Baba won the Sahitya Kala Parishad Delhi All-India Playwriting Competition (1988-89). He was awarded the Mohan Rakesh Samman in 1996 for Panne ki Angoothi.

Wherever he lived his love of theatre stayed with him and he continued to write and direct his plays. In the late 1970s he established a Hindi language theatre group in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was posted. He returned to India in 1983 after his retirement from the WHO and for the next 21 years devoted himself to theatre full time. He established the Sadhana Sanskriti Pratishthan, a trust devoted to raising the quality of community life by raising cultural awareness. He believed that theatre was a very important educational tool and organized annual summer workshops for children, all gratis. Every year he directed and produced 4 to 5 plays with his theatre group, the Sadhana Natya Kala Kendra.

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