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  • Garhwal ka Itihas (History)

    Garhwal ka Itihas (Hardbound)


    About the book: The book “Garhwal ka Itihas”talks about the history of Uttarakhand specially the Garhwal Himalayas. Along with history…

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  • Gadhwali Bhasha aur uska lok sahityaGarhwali language and culture backcover

    Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya

    Rs.600.00 Rs.450.00

    About the book: The book “Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya”talks about the Garhwali language and is a great book…

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  • Gaundar ki Raat Hindi PoemsBack Cover about author

    Gaundar ki Raat


    GAUNDAAR KI RAAT by Ashok Kandwaal Gaundaar Ki Raat is a collection of poems which expressively describes the natural beauty…

  • Ghat Par Thahraw KahanAbout Kanta Roy

    Ghat Par Thahraw Kahan


    GHAAT PAR THEHRAAV KAHA by KANTA ROY This is a collection of short stories which deal with various issues in…

  • Lalit Mohan Thapliyal Dramas Hasya Vyang Ke Saat NatakHasya Vyang Ke Saat Natak Index Inside

    Hasya Vyang Ke Saat Natak


    "Hasya Vyang Ke Saat Natak" is a book written by famous dramatist Lalit Mohan Thapliyal. This book has marvel collection…

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  • Himalay Ki Lokdevi JhalimaliHimalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali Index Page

    Himalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali


    "Himalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali" is a book about Uttarakhand's local Goddess 'Jhalmali Devi'. The book has detail information about Jhalimali…

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  • Himalaya Bachega to Ganga BhahegiHimalaya Bachega To Ganga Bahegi Backcover

    Himalaya Bachega to Ganga Bhahegi


    About the book: The book "Himalaya Bachega to Ganga Bahegi" gives us an insight into the situation of the Ganga…

  • Himalaya ke Gaon Mein - Village Travel ExperienceAbout Authors of the Book

    Himalaya ke Gaon Mein – Village Travel Experience


    About the book: The book “Himalaya ke Gaon Mein”, is a journal of the authors travel across the state and…

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  • Himalaya Lok NitiIntroduction of Book Himalaya Lokniti

    Himalaya Lok Niti


    About the Book: The book “Himalaya ki Lok Neeti” tells us about the collective effort of all the Himalayan states…

  • Himalayan Gazetteer Vol 3 Part 2 HindiHimalayan Gazetteer Vol 3 Part 1

    Himalayan Gazetteer in Hindi

    Rs.2,500.00 Rs.2,100.00

    HIMALAYAN GAZETTEER by Edwin T. Atkinson (Translated by Prakash Thapliyal) HIMALAYAN GAZETTEER is one of the rarest and invaluable books…

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  • Hungra Garhwali Stories100 Years 100 Stories 100 AuthorsHungra Garhwali Stories About Editors

    Hungra – 100 Years 100 Garhwali Stories 100 Authors


    About The Book "Hungra" (100 Years 100 Stories 100 Authors ) is a collection of 100 Garhwali stories by 100…

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  • Hwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist PoemsHwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist Poems Index Page

    Hwali Swan – Garhwali Lyrical Poems


    About The Book "Hwali Swan" is lyrical Garhwali poems depicting voice of expecting Mother and her child. Starting from the…

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