Kumaoni Poems

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  • Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19

    Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19


    "Girda Ke Aayam" is a collection of writings from 57 writers about Girda and his work. The book has very…

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  • Jainta Ek Din To Aalo – Poems By GirdaJainta Ek Din To Aalo Back Cover

    Jainta Ek Din To Aalo – Poems By Girda


    "Jainta Ek Din To Aalo" is one of famous book collecting beautiful poems written by Girish Tiwari 'Girda'. The book…

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  • Mohili Anvaar Kumaoni PoemsAbout Author of Kumaoni Poems

    Mohili Anvaar


    MOHILI ANWAAR by Uma Joshi MOHILI ANWAAR is a collection of Kumaoni poetry that focuses on the plight of women…

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  • Sherda Anpad Sanchayan - Sherda Kumaoni Poems

    Sherda ‘Anpad’ Sanchayan – Kumaoni Poems


    "Sherda 'Anpad' Sanchayan" is a collection of 40 best Kumauni poems of Uttarakhand's famous poet Sherda 'Anpad'. These poems are…

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  • Uttarakhand Kavya GirdaBack Cover of Uttarakhand Kavya by Girda

    Uttarakhand Kavya – Girish Tiwari (Girda)


    UTTARAKHAND KAAVYA by Girish Tiwari ‘Girda’ The book is a collection of short poems written by the author at the…

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  • Uttarakhand Ki Lok GathayenUttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand Index Page

    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen


    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand "Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen" (Folklores of Uttarakhand) is collection of folklores sung…

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