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  • Chumka Layana - List of Jaunsari Folk Songs

    Chumka Layana – List of Jaunsari Songs


    Chumka Layana - Collection of Jaunari Folk Songs The area of Jaunsar Bawar in Uttarakhand has been of significance because…

  • Jaunpur ke Teej Tyohar - Fairs and FestivalsBack Cover of Jaunpur Festivals Book

    Jaunpur ke Teez Tyohaar


    The book “Jaunpur ke Teez Tyohaar” gives an account of the Jaunpur area which is located nearby to Yamuna River.…

  • Jaunpur ki Lok Kathayen (Folk Stories)

    Jaunpur Ki Lok Kathayen


    JAUNPUR KI LOK-KATHAAEY by Surendra Pundeer This book is a collection of folklores that are prevalent in the Jaunpur region…

  • Jaunsar Bawar - Aitihasik SandarbhJaunsar Bawar - Aitihasik Sandarbh Index 1

    Jaunsar Bawar – Aitihasik Sandarbh


    "Jaunsar Bawar - Aitihasik Sandarbh (Historic Context)" is a book describing Jaunsar Bawar region's Culture, People and History in a…

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  • Uttarakhand Fairs Festivals

    Uttarakhand Ke Lokutsav Avem Parvotsav

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    UTTARAKHAND KE LOKOTSAV AVUM PARVOTSAV is a detailed study that discusses various fairs and festivals celebrated in the Uttarakhand. This…

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  • Uttarakhand Ki Lok GathayenUttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand Index Page

    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen


    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand "Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen" (Folklores of Uttarakhand) is collection of folklores sung…

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