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  • Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19

    Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19


    "Girda Ke Aayam" is a collection of writings from 57 writers about Girda and his work. The book has very…

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  • Hwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist PoemsHwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist Poems Index Page

    Hwali Swan – Garhwali Lyrical Poems


    About The Book "Hwali Swan" is lyrical Garhwali poems depicting voice of expecting Mother and her child. Starting from the…

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  • Inma Kankwe Aan Basant – Garhwali SatireInma Kankwe Aan Basant Index Page 1

    Inma Kankwe Aan Basant – Garhwali Satire


    About Inma Kankwe Aan Basant - Garhwali Satire 'Inma Kankwe Aan Basant' is a collection of Garhwali Poems. Songs and…

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  • Jainta Ek Din To Aalo – Poems By GirdaJainta Ek Din To Aalo Back Cover

    Jainta Ek Din To Aalo – Poems By Girda


    "Jainta Ek Din To Aalo" is one of famous book collecting beautiful poems written by Girish Tiwari 'Girda'. The book…

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  • Khuch Kandi Book By Narendra Singh NegiKhuchkandi Narendra Singh Negi Book Index

    Khuchkandi – by Narendra Singh Negi


    Khuchkandi is a collection of 52 folk songs lyrics of famous Uttarakhand singer Narendra Singh Negi. This books was the…

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  • Maularam Kavya Collections of Maularam PoemsAbout Author

    Maularam Kavya – Chaynika


    "Maularam Kavya - Chaynika" is a collection of poems and writings of world famous painter and writer 'Maularam Tunwar' (1743-1833).…

  • Maun Ki Anubhutiyan – Hindi PoemsMaun Ki Anubhutiyan – Hindi Poems About Author

    Maun Ki Anubhutiyan – Hindi Poems


    "Maun Ki Anubhutiyan" is a collection of hindi poems expressing thoughts of mind when one witness silence. Along with sensitivity,…

  • Meri Agyal - Garhwali PoemsBack Cover - About Author Neeta Kukreti Meri Agyal

    Meri Agyaal


    About the book: The book "Meri Agyaal" is a collection of poems and songs in Garhwali language, the author has…

  • Mohili Anvaar Kumaoni PoemsAbout Author of Kumaoni Poems

    Mohili Anvaar


    MOHILI ANWAAR by Uma Joshi MOHILI ANWAAR is a collection of Kumaoni poetry that focuses on the plight of women…

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  • Padwa Bald Garhwali PoemsPadwa Bald Garhwali Humour Poems Index Page

    Padwa Bald – Garhwali Poems


    About The Book : "Padwa Bald" is a collection of 32 short Garhwali poems stories. Each poem has sarcastic notion,…

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  • Pasyo Ka RangBack Cover about author

    Pasyo Ka Rang


    PASSYO KO RANG by Harish Badola PASSYO KO RANG is a collection of Garhwali poems which give prominence to the…

  • Garhwali Kavita Sangrah RAIBARRaibar Back cover



    RAIBAAR by Prabhat Semwal ‘Ajaan’ RAIBAAR is a collection of Garhwali poems which touch our lives every day. These poems…

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