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Uttaransh Natural Ajwain Floral Honey

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Uttaransh Natural Ajwain Floral Honey is extracted from the bee-boxes placed in Ajwain fields of Kota & Chittorgarh in Rajasthan. This belt has rich farming of Ajwain seeds. It gets a distinct light color, flavor, and aroma because of the flowers from which it is extracted. It is harvested during the month of December – January.

Health Benefits of Ajwain Flower Honey

  • Ajwain is one of the important herbs for Indian kitchen to make the Indian cuisine tasty. All the parts of this herb have very strong smell; hence it is called Ugragandha in Sanskrit. It has many health and medicinal values.
  • It is well known for its Instant Remedy for Stomach Ache. The seed, oil, flowers and extract are used as medicine for various diseases. It is also one of the potent medicines to kill worms.
  • The active principles in the Ajwain may help increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract through facilitating release of gut juices (gastro-intestinal secretions).
  • It is one of the rarest and one of the best honey harvested in India
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About Uttaransh – Pure & Natural Honey, Direct from the Local Beekeeprs

Uttaransh is a startup in Uttarakhand by experienced professionals from metro cities, who left their high paying jobs to lead a simple life close to their hometown. Started in 2016, Uttaransh have more than 500 bee-boxes of their own and a strong network of 16 Beekeepers adding 2400 bee boxes.

Ensuring boxes installation in the farms away from factories and pollution, the pure and natural honey harvesting by Uttaransh make sure that no hurt would be made to brood chamber where the bees lay their eggs and leave atleast 40% honey in the hive itself so that the bees don’t starve.

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