Uttarakhand Year Book 2017 English

Uttarakhand Year Book

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Uttarakhand Year Book: 2017 English

The book is a complete guide for the people who want to learn about the state of Uttarakhand. It is an essential book for those preparing for their career in the government services of Uttarakahnd state as the book have details about the history, the culture, the festivals, the places and all other things needed to know about Uttarakhand.

This Year Book of Uttarakhand also briefs us about all the major and important events of 2016, Personalities in news & 2016 GK Questionnaire. The year book 2017 has information about Uttarakhand’s state fairs, festivals, religious places, folk songs & dances and famous educational institutions. The book has General Knowledge and Uttarakhand questionnaires with very useful information for state competitive examinations.

Uttarakhand Year Book ALSO AVAILABLE now in Hindi !!

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