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432Kumaoni Pichora

Pahadi Pichora (Cotton/ Polyester)

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Pahadi Pichora – Uttarakhand Kumaoni Pichoda

Connect to the roots of Uttarakhand culture and tradition with Kumaoni Pichoda !!
A perfect traditional bridal attire for a Kumaoni bride, now becomes a prized possession for every woman in Uttarakhand.
  • Pichoda is a traditional attire for every women in Uttarakhand (mostly in Kumaon), from first time on her marriage, then on every auspicious occasions like pooja, namkaran, mundan, janeu, or marriages in the family; the married women wear Pichora.
  • Pichoda is a fine cloth or dupatta, yellowish orange in colour with red/brown or maroon polka dots.  Due to its colour, it is also called Rangwali Pichora or Rangoli Pichoda.
  • The design of Pichoda also consist a big Swastik with Sun, Shankh, Bell with ‘Om’ and Goddesses sign around its quadrants.

Traditional Ethnic Attire
Made from Cotton/ Polyester

DELIVERY in 5-10 Days across India.


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Cotton/ Polyester


Width: 42inches, Length: 100 inches (3.5ft x 8 ft approx)

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