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  • Garhwali Hindi English ShabdkoshIntroduction of Garhwali Hindi English Shabdkosh Dictionary

    Garhwali Hindi Angrezi Shabdkosh

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    About the book: The book “Garhwali Hindi Angrezi Shabkosh” is a dictionary of Garhwali language and contains all words of…

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  • Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary

    Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary


    About The Book : Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary has vast collection of Garhwali language words and their tanslation in hindi…

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  • Hindi Garhwali English DictionaryHindi Garhwali English Dictionary Back Cover

    Hindi Garhwali English Shabdkosh (Learner)


    About The Book : Hindi Garhwali English Dictionary (Learner Hindi Garhwali Angreji Shabdkosh) is latest dictionary with Garhwali Grammer and…

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  • Hindi Kumaoni English Dictionary Shabdkosh

    Hindi Kumaoni English Dictionary Shabdkosh


    HINDI-KUMAONI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Sher Singh Bisht Hindi-Kumaoni-Angrezi Shabdkosh is a comprehensive dictionary-cum-thesaurus which can be used to translate Kumaoni words…

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  • Media Word - Dictionary in Journalism & Mass CommMedia Word About Author

    Media Word


    About The Book: "Media Word" is an elaborate dictionary of Media, Mass Communication and Broadcasting. The books contains every minute…

  • Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh - DictionaryBack Cover Review of Garhwali Dictionary

    Garhwali Hindi Shabdkosh

    Rs.495.00 Rs.395.00

    About the Book “Garhwali Hindi ShabdKosh” Although there is already a dictionary on Garhwali language by Jaipal Verma and Maalchand…

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