Years of experience in designing, certifications, awards, recognition etc. Also include your area of expertise.
Please include links to your Instagram profile/ website where we can review your artwork. Make sure they are public. You can also email them at

Collaborate with us

We invite artists to collaborate with us.

Please read the details below before applying.

Who can collaborate?

Illustrators, Doodle Artists, Sketch Artists, Creative Designers etc. Artists from Uttarakhand who have a deep knowledge of Culture of Uttarakhand and knowledge of digital art would be preferred.

What is it about? Tell me more!

eUttaranchal has been designing merchandise relating to Uttarakhand for almost 5 years now. Our characters like "Shant Pahadan" and "Thet Pahadi" have ruled the hearts of Pahadi lovers through T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Fridge Magnets etc! We are now extending our catalog and invite designers to collaborate with us as creative artists and design artwork for us. The artwork will be printed on various merchandise and will be available on sale through our website or other sales channels.

How does it work?

You will be given a theme to design upon. We will provide you with basic inputs for the design. If your design is accepted, you will get paid for it. We reserve the right to reject any design. You may also be asked to make the modifications to the design as needed. The themes would be mostly related to Uttarakhand or cultural themes of other states of India.
Since the design will be printed on merchandise or souvenirs, a high resolution artwork would be required in the form of a vector graphic which can be resized as per the needs.
If your design is accepted, you get paid for it. The copyright of such artwork would be owned by eUttaranchal and you will not be able to use it or sell it to any other individual or company.

What kind of artwork need to be created?

You may check some of our designs on our website

You can visit the categories like Mugs and T-Shirts

How much do I get paid?

The design fee would vary from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3000 for each artwork depending upon the complexity of the design and its portability along with our product line.

How to Apply?

Please fill up the form available on this page and share links to your sample work and portfolio. Our team will review your details and the shortlisted candidates will be contacted individually by our team.

Have Questions?

You can Whatsapp us at 7060223338 or email us at