• Geet Gaun Ka - Garhwali PoemsBack Cover of Geet Gaun Ka

    Geet Gaun Ka


    GEET GAUN KA by Virendera Panwar GEET GAUN KA is a collection of Garhwali folk songs that capture the essence…

  • Jan Chetna ke Chaar NatakIntroduction of Jan Chetna ke Chaar Natak Book

    Jan Chetna ke Chaar Natak


    About the Book: The book “Jan Chetna ke Chaar Natak”, contains four stories interwoven by a single essence. The essence…

  • Nanda Rajjat Himalaya Ka Mahakumbh Book by Shankar Singh BhatiaHimalaya Ka Mahakumbh Nanda Rajjat Index Page

    Himalaya Ka Mahakumbh Nanda Rajjat


    Himalaya Ka Mahakumbh Nanda Rajjat is a book written by Shankar Singh Bhatia. The book is travel experience of author…

  • Uttarakhand HandbookUttarakhand GK Handbook Backcover

    Uttarakhand Handbook


    As the name suggest this 132 pages long book contains all the information about the Land of Gods. You will…

  • Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar UttarakhandSwatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar Uttarakhand Index

    Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar


    About The Book "Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar Uttarakhand" has all information connecting Uttarakhand and freedom struggle right from 1815 to…

  • Uttarakhand ke Shilpkar

    Uttarakhand ke Shilpkar

    Rs.595.00 Rs.550.00

    The book talks about the craftsmen of Uttarakhand who are considered to be of a lower cast in the social…

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  • On sale!Uttarakhand ke Sulagte Sawal

    Uttarakhand ke Sulagte Sawaal

    Rs.600.00 Rs.450.00

    About the book: The book “Uttarakhand ke Sulagte Sawaal” is an effort to make the people aware of the problems…

  • Angwal Garhwali PoetryAngwal Back Cover

    Angwal – an anthology of Garhwali Poetry


    About the book: The book “Angwal” is a collective effort of a number of writers from all across the state…

  • Kumaon ka ItihasBack Cover of Kumaon Ka Itihas

    Kumaon ka Itihas


    Kumaon ka Itihas (The history of Kumaon) The book is one of the earliest creations by any writer from either…

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  • Swadhinta Aandolan Me Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita

    Swadhinta Aandolan Me Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita


    SWADHEENTA AANDOLAN MEIN UTTARAKHAND KI PATRKAARITA is a book that sheds light on the role of Uttarakhand’s eminent writers and…

  • On sale!Garhwali Bhasha ki Shabd SampadaOne of the Index of Garhwali Bhasha ki Shabd Sampada

    Garhwali Bhasha ki Shabd Sampada

    Rs.195.00 Rs.129.00

    The book is essential guide for those who want to learn the Garhwali language and the ways to speak it.…

  • Uttarakhand Year Book 2017 (Hindi)

    Uttarakhand Year Book 2017 (Hindi)

    Rs.170.00 Rs.150.00

    UTTARAKHAND YEAR BOOK : 2017 HINDI The year book is a study guide of Uttarakhand for those who want to learn…

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