• Dwi Mutth Garhwali PoemsDwi Mutth Garhwali Poems Index 1

    Dwi Mutth – Garhwali Poems


    About Dwi Mutth Book "Dwi Mutth" is a collection of garhwali poems describing various facets of Pahad. Some poems has…

  • Ek Sharabi Ki SuktiyanAbout Author - Back Cover

    Ek Sharabi ki Suktiyan


    The incident took place about one year ago when Krishna Kalpit found a bundle of script in a cheap pub…

  • Birani Chuviyunma Garhwali PoemsBirani Chuviyunma Garhwali Poems About Author

    Birani Chuviyunma – Garhwali Poems


    "Birani Chuviyunma" is a collection of Garhwali poems touching the hearts of readers. There are splendid poems like Basgyal, Saasu…

  • On sale!Nyay Devta Golu Temple BookNyay Devta Golu Book Index Page

    Nyay Devta Golu

    Rs.80.00 Rs.71.00

    "Kumaon Himalay Ke Nyay Devta Golu" is a book about holy God Golu Devta of Uttarakhand. The book has detail…

  • Uttarakhand Lokbhashaon Ke Srijanrat RachnakarUttarakhand Lokbhashaon Ke Srijanrat Rachnakar Index Page

    Uttarakhand Lokbhashaon Ke Srijanrat Rachnakar


    About Uttarakhand Lokbhashaon Ke Srijanrat Rachnakar Book "Uttarakhand Lokbhashaon Ke Srijanrat Rachnakar" is collection of biographies of 112 authors from…

  • Kathputli Aur Anya Natak Hindi Dramas PlaysKathputli Aur Anya Natak Index Plays List

    Kathputli Aur Anya Natak


    "Kathputli Aur Anya Natak" is a collection of short Hindi dramas written by famous dramatist Lalit Mohan Thapliyal. These short…

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  • Uttarakhand Samgra Gyankosh - GK Encyclopedia of UttarakhandBackcover of Uttarakhand Encyclopedia Book

    Uttarakhand Samgra Gyankosh : Uttarakhand Encyclopedia


    Uttarakhand Encyclopedia – The complete Uttarakhand General Knowledge Guide The book “Uttarakhand Samagra Gyankosh” is divided into 9 parts which…

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  • Swadhinta Aandolan Me Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita

    Swadhinta Aandolan Me Uttarakhand Ki Patrakarita


    SWADHEENTA AANDOLAN MEIN UTTARAKHAND KI PATRKAARITA is a book that sheds light on the role of Uttarakhand’s eminent writers and…

  • Gadhwali Bhasha aur uska lok sahityaGarhwali language and culture backcover

    Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya

    Rs.600.00 Rs.450.00

    About the book: The book “Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya”talks about the Garhwali language and is a great book…

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  • Jaunpur Sanskritik evam Raajnitik ItihasJaunpur Back Cover - About Author Surender Pundir

    Jaunpur: Sanskritik evam Raajnitik Itihas


    About the book: The book “Jaunpur: Sankritik evam Rajneetik Itihaas”, gives us an insight to one of the most untouched…

  • On sale!Uttarakhand Rajya Andolan ka Itihas

    Uttarakhand Rajya Andolan ka Itihas

    Rs.300.00 Rs.210.00

    The book "Uttarakhand Rajya Andolan ka Itehaas" tells us the story of how the state of Uttarakhand was born and…

  • Information Guide of Champawat RegionAbout Author Champawat District

    Uttarakhand Ka Seemant Janpad – Champawat


    UTTARAKHAND KA SEEMANT JANPAD: CHAMPAWAT by Dr. Dinesh Chandra Baloni This book is all about the culture and traditions of…