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  • Garhwali Play - Ab kya holuAb kya holu backcover

    Ab kya holu


    About the book: The book “Ab Kya Holu” is a Garhwali play just like the others written by the Author.…

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  • Dhad Garhwali Magazine Jan 2017Dhad Magazine in Garhwali

    Dhaad – Garhwali Magazine


    Dhaad - Literature and Cultural Monthly Magazine in Garhwali DHAAD is a mirror of our society which not only address…

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  • Story in Garhwali -DhunglaAbout the Book Dhungla


    Rs.200.00 Rs.159.00

    About the book: The book “Dhungla”is a collection of short stories which are related to the people; living in the…

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  • Hari Singhau Baaggi First - Garhwali SatireHari Singhau Baaggi First Index Page

    Hari Singhau Baagi First – Garhwali Satire (Short Plays)


    About Hari Singhau Baagi First - Garhwali Satire 'Hari Singhau Baagi First' is a collection of Garhwali satire dialects humorously…

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  • Hungra Garhwali Stories100 Years 100 Stories 100 AuthorsHungra Garhwali Stories About Editors

    Hungra – 100 Years 100 Garhwali Stories 100 Authors


    About The Book "Hungra" (100 Years 100 Stories 100 Authors ) is a collection of 100 Garhwali stories by 100…

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  • Kab Khulali Raat - Play in GarhwaliAbout the Book Kab Khuleli Raat

    Kab Khulali Raat


    About the book: The Book “Kab Khuleli Raat” is a Drama which talks about the life in the hills and…

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  • Kathga Khauri Haur - Garhwali Short StoriesKathga Khauri Haur Index Page

    Kathga Khauri Haur – Garhwali Short Stories


    About Kathga Khauri Haur - Garhwali Short Stories 'Kathga Khauri Haur' is the garhwali translation of hindi short stories 'Bas…

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  • Kya Kan Tab - Garhwali PlayBack Cover of Kya Kan Tab Garhwali Language Natak

    Kya Kan Tab (Garhwali Play)


    About the book: The book “Kya Kan Tab” is a Garhwali Play written about the Brahmin family of a small…

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  • Mangseeru Uttarakhand MeinBack Cover About the Author of Mangseeru Book

    Mangseeru Uttarakhand Mein


    About the book: The book "Mangsiru Uttarakhand Mein" talks about the state of Uttarakhand and is actually a satire on…

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  • Garhwali Story - Mankhi BaghBack Cover of Garhwali Play - Mankhi Baagh

    Mankhi Bagh


    About the book: The book “Mankhi Bagh” is a Garhwali folk drama with its story line set in a village…

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  • Meru Pahad Garhwali Short StoriesMeru Pahad Garhwali Short Stories About Author

    Meru Pahad – Garhwali Short Stories


    "Meru Pahad" is a collection of 13 Garhwali short stories. The stories binds the reader with its beautiful narration. The…

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  • Nathulu - Garhwali Short Stories

    Nathulu – Garhwali Short Stories


    About Nathulu - Garhwali Short Stories 'Nathulu' is a collection of garhwali short stories depicting the various changes in a…

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