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  • Samlaunya Rehgi TehriBack Cover About Author

    Samlaunya Rehgi Tehri


    SAMLAUNYA RAEGI TEHRI by Chandra Dutt Suyaal SAMLAUNYA RAEGI TEERI is a collection of Garhwali poems that majorly focus on…

  • Second Inning Novel in HindiSecond Inning Back Cover

    Second Inning


    Second Inning by Ram Prakash Aggarwal “Second Inning” is a novel written by "Ram Prakash Aggarwal". The novel narrates the…

  • Shabd Ban Gaye Geet Hindi Poems and SongsFew Words from the Author of Shabd Ban Gaye Geet

    Shabd Ban Gaye Geet (Hindi Poems and Songs)


    About the book: the book “Shabd Ban Gaye Geet” is a collection of poems written in Hindi language by the…

  • Shudron ka Bhraman TatvaBack Cover of Book Shudron ka Brahmantatv

    Shudron ka Bhraman Tatva


    About the book: The book “Shudron ka Bhraman Tatva” tells the history of the caste divide in the Uttarakhand state…

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  • On sale!Siddha Peeth ChandrabadniIndex of Chandrabadani Book

    Siddh Peeth Chandrabadni

    Rs.100.00 Rs.80.00

    About the book: the books talks about the Siddhipeeth temple of Goddess Sati located at Chandrabadani. According to Hindu mythology…

  • Sikasairi Garhwali Cartoon Story Comic BookSikasairi Garhwali Cartoon Story Comic Book About Author

    Sikasairi – Garhwali Comic Book For Kids


    "Sikasairi" is a Garhwali picture story book for kids. The book describe a story written in Garhwali language and equally…

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  • Swami Vivekanand Message in GarhwaliAbout Author of Swami Vivekanand in Garhwali

    Swami Vivekanand in Garhwali


    SWAMI VIVEKANANDA - Deshvasiyo Tae Vunko Sandesh This book is a Garhwali translation of the Vivekanand: His Call To The…

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  • Tehri Aadhopaant Another Tehri Dam Story by Maniram BahugunaTehri Aadhopaant Index Page

    Tehri Aadhopaant – Another Tehri Dam Story


    Tehri Aadhopaant - Another True Story About Tehri Dam is a book written by Maniram Bahuguna. The book explains Tehri…

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  • Udi Jaun Agaas - Garhwali PoemsUdi Jaun Agaas Index Pages

    Udi Jaun Agaas – Garhwali Poems


    About the book: "Udi Jaun Agaas" is a collection of 53 garhwali songs cum poems. The most interesting thing about…

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  • Umar Bundi Jaa Garhwali PoemsUmar Bundi Ja Back Cover

    Umar Bundi Jaa (Garhwali Poems)


    About the book: The book"Umar Bundi Ja" is a collection of poems in Garhwali language. It contains 48 small poems…

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  • Unanswered English PoemsAbout Author Back Cover

    Unanswered – English Poems


    The book is prose and poetry talking about the path that liberates and a path that elevates.  This collection is…

  • Und Bagdi GangaAbout Author Hemwati Nandan Bhatt

    Und Bagadi Ganga


    About the book: The book “Und Bagadi Ganga” is a collection of poems in Garhwali language. It contains 48 small…