Cultural Books of Garhwal

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  • Uttarakhand Authors & Poets InterviewsChawin Bath - Interviews in Garhwali - Index Page

    Chawin Bath – First Masterpiece of Interviews in Garhwali


    About Chawin Bath - First Masterpiece of Interviews in Garhwali 'Chawin Bath' is a first masterpiece of interviews of more…

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  • Dhad Garhwali Magazine Jan 2017Dhad Magazine in Garhwali

    Dhaad – Garhwali Magazine


    Dhaad - Literature and Cultural Monthly Magazine in Garhwali DHAAD is a mirror of our society which not only address…

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  • Narendra Singh Negi Book Gaanyun Ki Ganga Syaniyun Ka SamodarGaanyun Ki Ganga Syaniyun Ka Samodar Index Page

    Gaanyun Ki Ganga Syaniyun Ka Samodar


    Gaanyun Ki Ganga Syaniyun Ka Samodar is a collection of 42 famous folk songs lyrics of Garh Ratan Narendra Singh…

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  • Gadhwali Bhasha aur uska lok sahityaGarhwali language and culture backcover

    Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya

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    About the book: The book “Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya”talks about the Garhwali language and is a great book…

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  • Garhwali Gaathon Me Lok Aur Devta

    Garhwali Gaathon Me Lok Aur Devta


    GARHWALI GAATHAO MEIN LOK AUR DEVTA By Dr. Veerendra Singh Bartwal                                                                              GARHWALI GAATHAO MEIN LOK AUR DEVTA is a book…

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  • Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary

    Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary


    About The Book : Garhwali Hindi English Dictionary has vast collection of Garhwali language words and their tanslation in hindi…

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  • Garhwali Kavya Ka Udbhav, Vikas Evam VaishishtyaGarhwali Kavya Ka Udbhav, Vikas Evam Vaishishtya Index Page

    Garhwali Kavya Ka Udbhav, Vikas Evam Vaishishtya


    "Garhwali Kavya Ka Udbhav, Vikas Evam Vaishishtya" is an encyclopedia of Garhwali literature. The book describes the Garhwali poems and…

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  • Garhwali Lok Sahitya Prastavana

    Garhwali Lok Sahitya Ki Prastavana


    GARHWALI LOKSAHITYA KI PRASTAAVNA by Mohanlal Baabulkar This book discusses the Garhwali folk literature in a detailed manner. It studies…

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  • Himalay Ki Lokdevi JhalimaliHimalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali Index Page

    Himalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali


    "Himalay Ki Lokdevi Jhalimali" is a book about Uttarakhand's local Goddess 'Jhalmali Devi'. The book has detail information about Jhalimali…

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  • Himalayi Lokutsav Nanda Raajjaat Guide Book

    Himalayi Lokutsav: Nanda Raajjaat


    About the Book Himalayai Lokutsav ( Nanda Raajjaat) India is country of vivid cultures and traditions. And the culture of…

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  • Hindi Garhwali English DictionaryHindi Garhwali English Dictionary Back Cover

    Hindi Garhwali English Shabdkosh (Learner)


    About The Book : Hindi Garhwali English Dictionary (Learner Hindi Garhwali Angreji Shabdkosh) is latest dictionary with Garhwali Grammer and…

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  • Hwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist PoemsHwali Swan - Garhwali Lyricist Poems Index Page

    Hwali Swan – Garhwali Lyrical Poems


    About The Book "Hwali Swan" is lyrical Garhwali poems depicting voice of expecting Mother and her child. Starting from the…

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  • Kathga Khauri Haur - Garhwali Short StoriesKathga Khauri Haur Index Page

    Kathga Khauri Haur – Garhwali Short Stories


    About Kathga Khauri Haur - Garhwali Short Stories 'Kathga Khauri Haur' is the garhwali translation of hindi short stories 'Bas…

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  • Khuch Kandi Book By Narendra Singh NegiKhuchkandi Narendra Singh Negi Book Index

    Khuchkandi – by Narendra Singh Negi


    Khuchkandi is a collection of 52 folk songs lyrics of famous Uttarakhand singer Narendra Singh Negi. This books was the…

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  • Lok Ka Bana Garhwali BookLok Ka Bana About Author

    Lok Ka Bana


    "Lok Ka Bana" is a Garhwali book showcasing author views on saving Uttarakhand's language, culture, literature and folk arts. The…

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  • Malyon ki Daar Short StoriesMalyon ki Daar Back Cover About Author

    Malyon ki Daar


    Malyo Ki Daar by Geeta Gairola “Malyo Ki Daar” is written by the famous social worker 'Geeta Gairola'. The author…

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  • Chandramohan Thapliyal 'Moni' Book Meri Nanda Rajjat 'Yatra'Meri Nanda Rajjat 'Yatra' Index Page

    Meri Nanda Rajjat ‘Yatra’


    Meri Nanda Rajjat 'Yatra' is a book written by Chandramohan Thapliyal 'Moni'. This book provides a detailed personal travel experience…

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  • Singh Granthawali - 'Singhnaad, Singh-Satsae' & 'Garhwali lokoktiyan'Singh Granthawali Index Page

    Singh Granthawali – ‘Singhnaad, Singh-Satsae’ & ‘Garhwali lokoktiyan’ by Bhajan Singh


    About Singh Granthawali - 'Singhnaad, Singh-Satsae' & 'Garhwali lokoktiyan' 'Singh Granthawali' is the collection of classic and indispensable work by…

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  • Udi Jaun Agaas - Garhwali PoemsUdi Jaun Agaas Index Pages

    Udi Jaun Agaas – Garhwali Poems


    About the book: "Udi Jaun Agaas" is a collection of 53 garhwali songs cum poems. The most interesting thing about…

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  • Uttarakhand Fairs Festivals

    Uttarakhand Ke Lokutsav Avem Parvotsav

    Rs.275.00 Rs.250.00

    UTTARAKHAND KE LOKOTSAV AVUM PARVOTSAV is a detailed study that discusses various fairs and festivals celebrated in the Uttarakhand. This…

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  • Uttarakhand Ki Lok GathayenUttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand Index Page

    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen


    Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen - Folklores of Uttarakhand "Uttarakhand Ki Lok Gathayen" (Folklores of Uttarakhand) is collection of folklores sung…

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