Himani Thapa

HimaniHimani Thapa, a Textile & Apparel Designer, hailing from Uttarakhand, is a Post Graduate from National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad with a Graduate degree from Pantnagar University. She loves working with her hands exploring different materials, crafts and techniques. She has worked with a wide range of Natural fibers ranging from Nettle and Hemp to Wool and Silk.

Her true passion lies in training and working with the artisan craft clusters, and strongly believes in ethical design practices to create a more sustainable design-led social enterprise. Currently, she lives in Mumbai, however her indelible love for mountains often takes her to the remote villages of Uttarakhand& Nepal,for Craft Projects with the Government Agencies & TATA Trusts.

During my travels and interaction with the lovely pahadi women, across the mountains of Himalayas, I realised that their wonderful spirit and sense of humour surpasses their tough living conditions. ‘Sureeli’ is my humble initiative dedicated to the spirit of these strong women. It is an effort to create new livelihood opportunities for women making these dolls, from the local materials available in their village.
Himani Thapa.

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