• VU MA BOLI DE Garhwali Poems

    Vunmaa Boli De


    VU MA BOLI DE by Ganesh Khugshal ‘Gani’ VUN MA BOLI DE is a collection of Garhwali poems that have…

  • Chandrakunwar Bartwal ka Kavita Sansaar

    Chandrakunwar Bartwal ka Kavita Sansaar


    About the book: The book "Chandra Kunwar bartwal ka Kavita Sansar" contains collection of all the poems written by the…

  • Bhaiji Ki Baraat Garhwali Humor Satire PoemsBhaiji Ki Baraat Garhwali Humor Satire Poems About Author

    Bhaiji Ki Baraat – Garhwali Humor Satire Poems


    "Bhaiji Ki Baraat" is a collection of 56 humor satire Garhwali poems. Each poem has a fine touch of culture,…

  • Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19

    Girda Ke Aayam – PAHAD 19


    "Girda Ke Aayam" is a collection of writings from 57 writers about Girda and his work. The book has very…

  • Sikasairi Garhwali Cartoon Story Comic BookSikasairi Garhwali Cartoon Story Comic Book About Author

    Sikasairi – Garhwali Comic Book For Kids


    "Sikasairi" is a Garhwali picture story book for kids. The book describe a story written in Garhwali language and equally…

  • Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar UttarakhandSwatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar Uttarakhand Index

    Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar


    About The Book "Swatantrata Aandolan aur Swatantrayotar Uttarakhand" has all information connecting Uttarakhand and freedom struggle right from 1815 to…


  • Himalayan Gazetteer Vol 3 Part 2 HindiHimalayan Gazetteer Vol 3 Part 1

    Himalayan Gazetteer in Hindi

    Rs.2,500.00 Rs.2,100.00

    HIMALAYAN GAZETTEER by Edwin T. Atkinson (Translated by Prakash Thapliyal) HIMALAYAN GAZETTEER is one of the rarest and invaluable books…

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  • Garhwali Hindi English ShabdkoshIntroduction of Garhwali Hindi English Shabdkosh Dictionary

    Garhwali Hindi Angrezi Shabdkosh

    Rs.1,000.00 Rs.900.00

    About the book: The book “Garhwali Hindi Angrezi Shabkosh” is a dictionary of Garhwali language and contains all words of…

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  • Uttarakhand Ke Pramukh Swatantrata SainaniBack Cover of the Book on Freedom Fighters of Uttarakhand

    Uttarakhand Ke Pramukh Swatantrata Senani


    UTTARAKHAND KE PRAMUKH SWATANTRATA SENANI by Dr. Dharmpal Singh Manraal and Dr. Arun Mittal  This book provides information about the…

  • Uttarakhand Year Book 2017 English

    Uttarakhand Year Book

    Rs.270.00 Rs.229.00

    Uttarakhand Year Book: 2017 English The book is a complete guide for the people who want to learn about the…

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  • Gadhwali Bhasha aur uska lok sahityaGarhwali language and culture backcover

    Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya

    Rs.600.00 Rs.450.00

    About the book: The book “Garhwali Bhasha aur uska Lok Sahitya”talks about the Garhwali language and is a great book…

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  • Und Bagdi GangaAbout Author Hemwati Nandan Bhatt

    Und Bagadi Ganga


    About the book: The book “Und Bagadi Ganga” is a collection of poems in Garhwali language. It contains 48 small…